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Homestead is a borough in Allegheny County located in the southwestern part of the state of Pennsylvania along the Monongahela River about seven miles southeast of the city of Pittsburgh.


John McClure's farm was known as the "Homestead", and in 1872, a grandson, Abdiel McClure sold several hundred acres of this land to the Homestead Bank and Insurance Company who laid out a town and called it Homestead. In 1881, Homestead with 596 inhabitants was incorporated as a borough.

Homestead was originally planned as a residential suburb in the Monongahela Valley but grew into industrial prominence because of its favorable location for manufacturing purposes and its transportation facilities by rail and water.

In 1879, The Pittsburgh Bessemer Steel Company bought fifty acres of land near the City Farm and created a converting works, a blooming mill and a rail mill. Their holdings were acquired by Carnegie Phipps and Company in 1883. In 1892, the Carnegie Steel Company bought out the Carnegie Phipps organization and continued with a vast industrial expansion.

Carnegie Steel then became United States Steel and helped make the Pittsburgh area the steel capital of the world. The mills were a major employer until the mid 1980's when the Homestead Works of US Steel closed forever. Time was hard for the Mon Valley residents for years and now with the turn of a new century new businesses have emerged at what is now called the "Waterfront". New business and a new steel plant are helping to revitalize the area.

2000 Census: Population 3,569

Information from Mid The Hills of Pennsylvania, Munhall - Homestead - West Homestead, An Album by Margaret MacBeth Seiler,Dorothy Wintersteen and Charles Baptie.

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