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Munhall is a borough in Allegheny County located in the southwestern part of the state of Pennsylvania along the Monongahela River about eight miles southeast of the city of Pittsburgh.


There, in 1851, amidst the verdant landscape sloping to the river and the well-tilled farmlands of 150 acres, you would have found the large, pretentious buildings of the Pittsburgh Poor Farm. Later in 1879, a mental hospital was built there. For want of additional space the building of the City farm were vacated and demolished in 1892, and all vestiges of its existence were erased by the rapidly expanding steel interests which were to be known worldwide as the "Homestead District Works".

In 1880, the Munhall bothers, John , Michael, and William, successful steamboat operators in the oil and coal-carrying trade, acquired large tracts of land, which were called the Munhall Estate, adjacent to the City Farm. For time to time they sold parts of their land to the steel organization.

About 1895, the Carnegie Land Company, a subsidiary of Carnegie Steel, filled up "Munhall Hollow", laid out a plan of lots, sold lots to mill employees, and constructed houses for rental or purchase by employees. So in 1901, the scenes were all set for the incorporation of Munhall Borough which was named for John Munhall. It embraced a section known popularly as "East Homestead", Munhall Station, and the steel properties which were by that time in the control of United States Steel Corporation.

2000 Census: Population 12,264

Information from Mid The Hills of Pennsylvania, Munhall - Homestead - West Homestead, An Album by Margaret MacBeth Seiler,Dorothy Winterteen and Charles Baptie.

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