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West Homestead is a borough in Allegheny County located in the southwestern part of the state of Pennsylvania along the Monongahela River about eight miles southeast of the city of Pittsburgh.


On December 1, 1900, a charter was granted for the incorporation of the community of West Homestead as a borough. February 19, 1901 was set for a special election of borough officials. Various industries have exerted a tremendous influence on the growth and progress of West Homestead. The Mesta Machine Company whose machine tools and equipment were found in worldwide places was the first industry to break ground in West Homestead (1899). Early officials of Mesta were leaders in the establishment of the borough. At one time the United States Steel plant spread, along the river, the entire lengths of the boroughs of Homestead and Munhall, as well as a section of West Homestead.

Mesta Machine was a major employer in West Homestead until the mid 1980 is when the Mesta Machine plant closed. With WHEMCO in the old Mesta Machine plant and with other businesses such as "Sandcastle" a water park run by Kennywood Park Corporation, West Homestead is adding to its business community. Now with the turn of a new century new businesses have emerged at what is now called the "Waterfront". New businesses are helping to revitalize the area.

2000 Census: Population 2,197.

Information from Mid The Hills of Pennsylvania, Munhall - Homestead - West Homestead, An Album by Margaret MacBeth Seiler,Dorothy Winterteen and Charles Baptie.

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